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Member of the Month


APRIL 2022

My name is Colt and I have been a member for a few years.

 I quit working out after a rotator cuff tear and I saw my mass disappear. After working out at Redline Fitness a few times I knew I had found my new home. Joey being a bodybuilder and knowing what it takes to make gains was a great driving force. Then you have his wife, Stephanie, kicking your butt with Fundamentals to keep your flexibility and help with those power moves. 

Hitting the gym 4 days a week for the past year with the right diet, coaching, and encouragement has added 30lbs while cutting 1/2 inch off my waist and maintained my body fat count. Without the encouragement and support from not only the gym owners but other patrons I would be nowhere near my 1,000lb squat, deadlift, and bench goal. To top it off, they're open 24/7 so there's no excuse for why you can't get a workout in.


MARCH 2022

To kick off the return of our Member of the Month program, we have Gerald Hepstead! Here is what he had to say about his fitness journey:

"My name is Gerald, I have been a member at Redline Fitness since April 2021. I have been working out on and off for approximately 15 years, but never have been really committed to a routine as I am now. Joey and Stephanie are the owners of Redline Fitness and with their help and encouragement I have been inspired to set a routine and have seen tremendous gain in the goal I am trying to reach. I have learned you have to have a drive and be willing to show up and put in the effort which requires a proper diet, cardio workout, weights and a dedication of my time. You have to do what works for you. For me it's 2 to 2 1/2 hours 4 to 5 times a week. 

Redline Fitness is open 24/7 which allows you to set a schedule that works for you, even if it is 30 minutes. The gym has cardio machines and nautilus equipment. They also have a protein shake bar. There are a lot of great members and friendly staff willing to help. If you are looking for a place to work out, this is it!"



"Like many, my fitness journey has been a roller coaster most of my life. I was a skinny kid until middle school where I put on a good amount of weight, and then started sports and was thin when I graduated high school at 150 lbs. After that time in my life is when I hit the slippery slope of weight gain. I put on 30 lbs. my freshman year of college with a full load of classes each semester and no sports. The next six years consisted of the same, until I stepped on the scale on July 23rd, 2018 and weighed in at 245 lbs.

I had a membership at Redline (then Gym 365) but went about once a month and was really throwing money away and decided that things were going to have to change because I was miserable with where I was in life on a physical level! So, a week later on July 30th I started going to the gym consistently 4 to 5 times a week. In many ways I was new to the gym scene, but all the other gym goers where very friendly and very encouraging. I started seeing weight come off rather quickly, but after a while my weight loss slowed down, but I was still losing weight, until I plateaued around 210 lbs. at this time Stephanie recommended the Lose it app to keep up with my caloric intake and by watching my diet and keeping a workout routine I am now around the 190 lbs. mark! It has taken two years to get to where I am, but I always remind myself that it took seven years to get to where I was at in 2018.

Before I started my fitness journey at Redline I was out of shape and definitely overweight, I struggled to keep up with high pace activity, I did not sleep well at night, was sore after heavy physical activity, and I felt sluggish and terrible most days…now I have a lot of energy, feel much better, my self-esteem is higher, going to the gym is a stress reliever (it has become one of my happy places), and I am able to keep up with my twin boys! If I could give any advice to someone who is looking to become healthier it would be to start your journey now don’t wait, start something that you can maintain, be consistent, and keep your goals in front of you!

 Stephanie and Joey are awesome owners and they are always willing to give advice and answer any questions. The gym itself is perfect; it is open 24/7, has great equipment, and whether you are new to working out or have been at it for years it has all the equipment you need. All the members that I have ever worked out with or around have been friendly and encouraging! I work out in the morning and in many ways the crew that works out then has become like family and I think it is safe to say if you are looking for a group to join we would welcome you with open arms. Thanks Stephanie and Joey for allowing me to share my story and thanks to all who took time to read it, I hope it is inspiring!"


Due to COVID-19, we've had to put our "Member of the Month" program on hold.

Instead, we've decided to choose an Inspiration of the Month! We were inspired by one of our members, Erica Moore, and how she kept her fitness regimen going strong without our facility. We wanted to share it to inspire others!

"75 days ago I was at a plateau with my fitness journey. I had lost a little bit of my motivation. Especially once my gym closed due to Covid-19. Life for all of us was interrupted and my type A personality needed some type of CONTROL during this time. This was something I knew I could control. Therefore, I built my own gym at home and decided this was not going to stop my goals. I had reached my goal weight but wanted to change my body. I found the 75 Hard Challenge just by a stroke of luck on April 13th. Reading testimonials and the rules, I was like "this is crazy." The rules—Two work outs a day, seven days a week (one of which HAS to be outdoors NO MATTER WHAT). Drinking a gallon of water a day. Reading ten pages of non-fictional book a day. Taking a progress picture every day. Follow a diet. NO CHEAT MEALS. If you failed at any of these you had to start over on day one. I encourage anyone who loves a good challenge to try this out! I was already following a fitness regimen and meal plan so the rest was all mental. I have lost 13 lbs since starting this challenge and I’m at an all time low weight since 2015. And for the first time in 5 years I am back in a size 4/6. I am so much stronger physically and mentally. A month out from completing 75 Hard I now workout twice each day and it’s been the best lifestyle change I have ever made."

- Erica



"I started my journey at Redline gym early last summer. Just prior, I had reached my ideal weight and needed a plan to maintain it. I knew the best way to do that would be with regular exercise. I was sold on joining after meeting gym owner, Stephanie Care. Her energetic personality and love for fitness was infectious. It’s not as much about staying at my ideal weight as it is about taking care of the body and mind God gave me. At 46, I know heart health and keeping muscle mass are more important than ever. It doesn’t matter how important I know exercise is, we can be our own worst enemy and not make it a priority. I have the tendency to start out strong with exercise intentions but then fizzle out with excuses. The most common for me being, “I’m too busy to go.” I have stayed this exercise course now for about nine months. Everyone needs a champion; someone to help hold them accountable. My champion is my husband, who pushes and supports me in being the best version of myself. “Don’t forget tomorrow is your gym day”, “You deserve your hour; take it”, “you look great; keep up the good work”. His encouragement & my finally believing, “this is my time and it is ok that I take it!” is empowering. We busy, working moms tend to struggle with this concept. I’m sure many can relate with me when I say, I’m full of regrets but putting priority on my work out time will never be one of them. Doubtful, you've ever made yourself exercise and then after feel worse and wish you hadn’t. You always feel better; MAKE the time. I love plugging in my earphones, zoning out, and doing a quick workout 2-3 times a week. I remind myself weekly: I deserve this time, I NEED this time, I can see and feel the results. I’m thankful to God to be able to do this. Now that I’m meeting my fitness goals, it’s time to focus more on my spiritual ones. “Physical exercise has some value, but spiritual exercise is valuable in every way, because it promises life both for the present and for the future.” 1 Timothy 4:8. Thank you for reading."




"To start I will quote a favorite boss of mine “if I talk long I will talk wrong”. So, I love Redline Fitness and all those who walk through the doors of this gym. Done…. mic drop.

So a little background in brief format, I love being active and feel it is essential in life. I have competed in conventional sports, and not so conventional sports, at many levels. I have three times in my life in which I have taken my training a little more serious than the rest of my 28 years of training, and 21 years in the security/law enforcement world:

The first period was when I walked onto my college volleyball team at 5’11” 135 lbs. I realized I may have been fast with good hops, but I needed something to push me past (or up to) the tall guys’ level. I turned to work ethic, knowledge, strength, and helping someone else train as the solution. Success.

The second period came nine years and 60 lbs. later when trying out for my PD’s SWAT team. Once again, I applied the above solution and was already helping to train two fellow officers. Success.

The third time encompasses the past five years. With age and some pretty substantial injuries I was told I should never squat or deadlift again, and due to pain thought my ideas of getting stronger were going to be shelved. Welcome to Redline Fitness…Success?

Almost two and a half years ago a new job brought me back home to NC and I needed to somehow stay in shape and fight my dad’s long ago claim that everyone falls out of shape and carries unhealthy weight. For several months prior I was gathering information in an attempt to alleviate pain by training and nullify my dad’s statement. Unknowingly I was readying myself to be part of the Redline family, buck the doctors’ orders (imagine that I was going to squat and deadlift again) and set new strength PRs.

God has blessed me with far more than I need and deserve, and has blessed me to be surrounded by such great people at Redline. This time my equation has been slightly different. I am not training anyone, rather everyone is training and supporting me! I am learning more, setting new goals, breaking PRs, and enjoying the entirety of Redline Fitness…not just my beloved iron.

Redline Fitness is a true melting pot. It has taken all types of us, from so many different walks of life, and smelted us into one group of people working to achieve everyone’s individual goals symbiotically. This is bar none the best gym I have ever attended, not because of size, equipment, etcetera, but because of the people and the way they encourage one another, share snapshots of our lives and share valuable time.

So success? I would say certainly, and I anticipate more to come. Thank you Steph and Joe for fostering the existence of such a great fitness community! And thanks to all those who have shared and encouraged one another." -Bill



"I used to be really big into running and other endurance sports. I would combine them with weight training as well to maintain my strength and to help me with my obstacle course races. I first started working out in high school in gym class when I was 16 and I really enjoyed it. I was always really skinny and I didn’t want to be anymore. I never took any of it all that serious until I started training for endurance races but I notice I still didn’t like how skinny I was. So, when I was around 20 I decided to strictly stick to lifting weights. I did this for a while and ended up quitting multiple times and getting really skinny again. Just this past year I decided I really wanted to make real progress and never quit training again. So I created a fitness page to show other people my progress and to help motivate them and to keep myself motivated as well. I have no plans to ever stop. The gym has always been there for me when I needed a place to take my mind off things going on outside of the gym. I look at it as a type of therapy for me and my escape and when I am in there it’s one of the happiest places for me. I have no intentions of slowing down, and I know there is so much more progress that needs to be made. I can’t wait to see where fitness takes me in the future."




"For years I'd felt heavy and tired and never really did anything about it. I wanted to, but I'd tried a few times doing mostly cardio and hated it so much that it never lasted. Finally, my brother introduced me to the world of weightlifting and I instantly fell in love. Results started coming much faster than when I tried cardio, and feeling strong has empowered me more than I thought possible! My self confidence went through the roof, as well as my mental clarity and happiness. After years of having a back and a crack, I sculpted a butt that I'm extremely proud of! 😍 All that being said, I can't express enough the gratitude I have for Stephanie, Joey, and Jenna at Redline Fitness. They've made the gym a place I can't wait to get back to every day! Redline is truly the first gym I've ever loved, and my favorite iron paradise!"




“After not taking care of my body for a really long time, I joined Redline Fitness on October 31st of last year. For the price, perks, and my gym mates, it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

This year alone I have run two 5K's, switched to a vegetarian diet, and gained 20 pounds of muscle mass. I could not have done it without Redline Fitness.

Joey, Steph, and Jenna run the business with great care and are willing to help anyone, no matter what your fitness goals are. From running to toning to weight loss to power lifting, bodybuilding, HIIT Training, or even Yoga, there are people here willing to show you what you need to know and encourage you along the way. It's not just a gym, it's a Fitness community.

Thank you Redline Fitness.”




"I want to thank Joey and Stephanie, they are very friendly people who are not just about the business. They are very much involved with their members and the gym. Any questions I have, they have been able to answer or find someone who could. I’ve been a member for 2 months. When I started, I weighed 272 pounds. After about 2 weeks of going to their gym, they referred me to Bart, a personal trainer. He worked with me for about a week and with hard work and good healthy meals, he helped me get my weight down to 245 pounds and 2 inches off my belly. He is a very smart guy who knows his stuff. Thanks for all of the help and support."




"I was fat. Still am, but not as much as I was in August 2019. It was at the beginning of that month that I saw a documentary titled “FED UP”. The film was about our food and how much sugar is added to it. The time must have been right for me to see it because I immediately started limiting my sugar intake. Long story short, I actually started feeling better, but I was not yet losing weight and getting healthier.

It was then that something happened that would begin to change my life. I was told I now had a gym membership. I just stared in disbelief. I have gym equipment at home because gyms had not been my thing in decades. One piece of equipment is a clothing rack and the other is a storage box holder, but I still have them to exercise with if I clean them off. So, If I wanted to lose weight, I would just do some crazy stupid diet that I could not stick to for long or I might use some exercise equipment. I would, of course, rebound and then some.

So I went to the gym, Redline Fitness, on Saturday, August 17, 2019 for the first time. I did 30 minutes of cardio and a little over half a mile. It only took me 90 minutes of real time because I had to stop and rest every 2 to 3 minutes. Then I went back to the gym 4 days later and walked almost a mile in 30 minutes, real minutes. Each time I went, almost everyday, I did better. It felt good. I felt good. The weight began to melt like butter. I became motivated to exercise. I wanted to be there, to see how much more I could do, see how much weight I could lose, and how strong I could get.

Disaster Struck. In September I was hospitalized for 4 days and it took another 10 days to get well enough to exercise again. I could have just quit at that point, but I didn’t. Everyone at Redline noticed I was there on “my” treadmill. They were glad to see me again and encouraged me to keep going and I did. It took a week to get back to where I was and then my training began to really take off. All because I did not quit.

At Redline, no one has made feel intimidated at my slowness or lack of strength. No, instead I have been encouraged by everyone and there are some really fit people there. Redline is a real fitness community that I am glad to be a part of. I am even starting to make friends and even have exercise partners.

In the last 2 months I have lost 21.5 pounds. It is not coming back. I did not get it in a day and it will not go away in a day, but the fat will go away.

So I have changed a lot. I eat a diet that is higher in protein and lighter in carbs, but is fairly well balanced otherwise. I avoid sugar. I exercise. This is the way. If you want to get fit there is not a shortcut. It is diet and exercise just like the doctor says. It works.

When I tell people how I have lost weight, invariably they say to me “that is great but I can’t workout”. That is what I thought so I share this story everywhere I go. It is the truth."



JULY 2019

“I joined the gym July 21, 2017. I saw a photo of myself and didn't like the way I looked. I decided it was time to make some changes. I work 3rd shift and I dedicate my lunch break to going to the gym. I usually work out between ‪2:00-3:00 AM‬. I lost the weight I wanted to lose and then Stephanie showed me a few exercises to help me tone and build muscle... I am able to do 100 sit ups, daily. When I first started I could barely do 25. And now I am able to do push-ups!

I would like to encourage everyone who is just starting, that you can reach your goals as long as you do not give up!”


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