Joey and Stephanie Care have been happily married for 35 years and always shared the dream of having their own family business.

In 2019, that dream finally came to fruition. After years of envisioning, planning, and hours upon hours of research and prayer, Redline Fitness was born.

Previously Gym 365, the facility has been a staple in Mocksville for more than a decade. For many loyal members, the change in ownership was scary. Who are these new people coming in and taking over my gym? Are they going to change everything?

The plan was to change everything - for the better. Redline introduced a new brand, paint job, protein bar, staff, and much more while keeping the sense of community and family-owned values.

Their small staff of three is made complete by their daughter, Jenna. Together they work to keep the facility clean, functional, and always welcoming for members new and old. We strive to provide the best customer service and are constantly working hard to continue improving in every way we can.

We have introduced new equipment, tv's, carpet, a posing room, protein bar, vending machine, merchandise, ceiling fans, among many other amenities, all in order to make your workout experience as comfortable as it can be. When we receive feedback, we do our very best to accommodate your requests. YOU are what makes us want to be better and we appreciate every one of our members!

From the Redline Family to yours - THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!